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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 20, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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good evening, i'm garvin thomas. we barely had time to dry out from yesterday's drenching before being hit with round two of the storm system today.
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heavy rain, thunder, wind and lightning spread across the bay area this evening, causing power outages as well as car crashes. kimberly terry is in walnut street covering the story. let's start with craig herrera. >> this storm was a nice punch coming through. it's the second round, the storm doors are open. this is the radar loop from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. i want to highlight all the lightning strikes we had. quite a few of them and a lot of lightning and small hail over the area. i'll show you one more as we look down to the south end of the bay. all the red you see on this map between 5:00 and 8:00 p.m., with heavy rain coming down. lightning strikes this is from the cloud to the ground. certainly making an impact on the afternoon. so a lot of rain fell in a short amount of time in some of these
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areas. some of the rainfall totals to give you an example of what happened, santa cruz mountains, 2.34 inches of rain. redwood city, one and a quarter. even more as we go through the afternoon and even hours. we're not done with this storm. i'll have more on the forecast coming up, including all the snow happening not only in the sierras, but the bay area hills. >> let's check in with kimberly terry in walnut creek. what's it like out there now? >> the rain finally let up out here maybe an hour ago. earlier today, it was pouring out here, like many areas across the bay area, that rain did not stop people from heading outside, getting what they needed to done. for many here on walnut creek, that included holiday shopping. from the south bay north, mother nature put on quite a show today. in san jose, heavy rain and lightning. in san francisco, flight delays at sfo caused by the wet
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weather. >> it's great after all the blue skies, we finally have some rain. >> i love it. i really love this season this type of weather. >> a lot of people were ready for the rain. umbrellas open and hoods pulled up. >> i brought my large golf umbrella today. >> you're prepared? >> i'm prepared, yes. >> and those who weren't prepared picked up their steps. >> it's not supposed to be raining in walnut creek, i moved from sonoma county, they said that i was told that you get a lot less rain here. it's actually making us do more shopping, because we're darting into stores that maybe we wouldn't have otherwise. >> most people say the rain didn't bog down their plansp. >> the lightning scared us for a while. we weren't sure we were going to go out tonight. we waited for it to die down. >> the plaza in downtown walnut creek has enough stores and restaurants and overhang to find respite from the showers if need
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be. police are sinding out a warning tonight and it may be aimed at you if you're the type of person easily distracted by your mobil phone. nbc bay area's monty francis is live in berkeley tonight with the story. >> we told about you this happening in san francisco. a police here in berkeley are noticing a similar trend. people are walking down the street, looking at their cell phone, they're not paying attention to their surroundings and becoming victims of crime. in just a span of 15 minutes, we saw several people distracted by their electronic devices. but prejean hawkins was not one of them. he learned his lesson the hard way. >> a guy pulled a gun out on me. the phone is not worth my life.
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>> reporter: thieves have stolen wallets, cash and cell phones from people walking down the street. a woman was hurt after being hit by one two thieves who took her purse. in that case, and the others, a gunman approached someone walking alone and at night in poorly lit neighborhoods. >> they walk and look at their device while they're walking, sometimes talking on the phone, but sometimes actually texting or using their device, which keeps them from being able to see around them and blinds them, the light of the screen affects your night vision. >> reporter: this most recent string robberies, prompting members of berkeley's downtown business association to take that warning from police out to the streets. >> we warn people not to have their ipods on and not be distracted on their phones because there have been robberies. there was one here. and for the most part they listen. >> prejean hawkins was not hurt. he's glad the only thing he lost was his phone and wants his experience to be a warning to others. >> please be aware of your
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surrounding surroundings. >> reporter: police have not determined if any these recent armed robberies are connected. they have not made any arrests or identified any suspects. monty francis, nbc bay area news. >> also in berkeley tonight, police are searching for clues in a case investigators are calling alarming. a man broke into a home on evelyn avenue early this morning and sexually assaulted a girl. they described the attacker as a hispanic man, 20 to 30 years old, 6 feet tall, weighing 190 pounds. he has a pronounced nose. speaks with a heavy accent short hair and a clean shaven face. police are urging anyone with information on the case to give them a call. a funeral was held today for the unarmed man shot and killed in oakland earlier this month. the line for derek jones' funeral service in oakland's church of christ stretched around the block. police officers killed the 37-year-old father last week near the barber shop he owned. those officers say they fired
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only after jones reached for something that looked like a gun. the object turned out to be a small electronic scale. jones' family said the turnout for his funeral today was touching and powerful. >> everyone has come together and supported the family, our family, and it's a sad moment at this time, but it's also an awakening and how we need to really come together. >> activists have worked to link jones' killing to that of oscar grant on new year's day 2009 saying police brutality is a problem in oakland. an investigation into jones' killing is ongoing. still ahead, putting women in the driver's seat. next at 11:00, designing a car with women in mind. the new features that could soon be available and what women should look out for when buying a car.
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>> plus, patdown panic. how will those new security rules impact holiday traffic? and hear what some tsa employees have to say about their role in it. we have quite a bit of rain this evening. we still have more to deal with tonight and tomorrow including snow for the bay area. there's a live shot san jose. your forecast is coming up. the target 2 day sale is almost here and the last thing that's going to stop me is weak thighs. mountain series, level 10. backwards. [male announcer] starts friday, november 26th at 4am.
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it's what some bay area college football fans wait all year for. today was the 113th year of the annual rivalry, even though the competition was a bit of a bust, with the cardinals winning easily, it's really all about the tradition. this is just a fun place to be
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on this saturday. >> tradition only happens once in a while, so we hold traditions pretty dear. >> laura behnke will be by with highlights and reaction from the players coming up in sports. from sports to politics, experts say san francisco's camilla harris will likely keep her lead in the race for states attorney general. she's 43,000 votes ahead of her republican steve cooley. there are still about 5,000 votes left to tally, experts on both sides of the aisle expect harris to ultimately win. a female spin on car design? >> i think anything that is done with women in mind benefits everyone. >> next at 11:00, the auto show is getting a tuneup courtesy of the fairer sell. how it's changingfo
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when it comes to their wheels, what do women want? tonight we have the answer. a capless gas tank and adjustable pedals to name just two. jennifer bjorkland takes a look at a car designed specifically with a woman in mind. >> what do women want in a car? >> i think anything that is done with women in mind benefits everyone. >> reporter: and jean jennings knows. she's editor and chief of auto magazine and has been in the car business 30 years. >> whenever you try to design for a woman, if you're just men trying to -- all of a sudden it's like we're an alien life form. >> reporter: women on design teams are making progress by
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thinking up things like adjustable gas and brake pedals. it allows them to push the pedal as far forward as they possibly can. >> reporter: her 5'0" tall mother was the inspiration for the pedals. >> we created a system where there's no gas cap. it's still environmentally friendly, there's no leaking and can you not siphon the gas. >> reporter: what you should do when you shop for a car is make sure you can operate it and don't have the sales person do it for you, unless you're planning on marrying them and bringing them home. unless they're going to close the hatch for you, make sure you can reap up and close it. >> reporter: make sure can you get that convertible top up and down on your own too. >> the e-class has something called the wind scarf. it throws the wind everywhere but on your head.
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>> reporter: no one wants a girlie car. design a car with women in mind and the women will love it, and guess what, the men will love it too. in downtown los angeles at the l.a. auto show, jennifer bjorkland. >> both men and women are expressing outrage over their flying experience. the transportation safety agency's new screening rules kicked in this weekend at 65 airports across the country. the rules require all passengers to go through full body scanners which produce a virtually naked image or they can opt for a time-consuming full body fingertip examination. the president expressed his support of increased security today, thousands are speaking out over the internet and through the media. the rules are particularly invasive for those with prosthetic breasts. >> she took her two hands, she touched the prosthesis, she
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moved it up and down and left and right and said, you're okay. >> even tsa workers are speaking out against the rules. it's not comfortable to come to work knowing full well my hands will be feeling another man's private parts. thanksgiving is as much about sharing food with others as it is enjoying a feast with your own family. and today thousands of people donated thanksgiving food supplies to needy bay area residents. nbc bay area teamed up with safeway and local food banks for today's food drive. the stores offered customers two ways to help. they could either buy a turkey to donate or a ten to fifteen dollar prepackaged bag of groceries. hunger is more widespread than you might imagine. >> right here in santa clara and san mateo counties we are feeding a quarter of a million
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people on a monthly basis. we don't think anybody should go hungry, no less 250,000 people a month. the food that is donated and the dollars donated through the safeway drive will immediately impact the families we're serves. >> about 9,000 bags of groceries and 1400 turkeys will be given out. oakland's mayor elect was at the opening for a new permanent exhibit. bill nye's climate exhibit. the whole thing is set up as a clean energy space station that invites visitors to join the mission to thwart climate change. mayor ectle jean qualm was on hand to speak about the problems facing the climate.
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rain snarled traffic between reno and the bay area, chain requirements caused even more headaches for drivers. >> the first time, how hard was it? >> i got my buddy right here. i think we'll never get these on, man. it's like, it's pretty crazy out here, people are sliding. it's crazy up here. >> weather experts are calling this the biggest snowstorm atta hoe in six years which bodes well for ski resorts. many plan to be open for thanksgiving. let's stick with the weather topic. lots to talk about, what happened today? and what can happen tomorrow? >> quite a bit of it today, i'll show you the radar loop over the 3-hour period from 5:00 to 8. we showed it at the top of the show. i want to show you again, all of the lightning came through the bay area. small hail in the south, they got a good bunch of it coming through. this is over the past three hours, that's a three-hour loop there. i'm in the santa cruz mountains,
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2.34 inches of rain. 1 and a quarter in redwood city. sane the helena 1.24. san francisco almost an inch of rain, concord about .76 and heyward quite a bit of rain there. once we went into places like mill valley, we only got .35 inches of rain in the north end of the bay. places like sfo, .89. the totals all over the bay area, pretty different, especially if you were under one of those thunderstorms, heavy downpowers and rain totals. outside as we take you to san francisco, embarcadero all lit up ready for the holiday season. look at the flag on top of that, still gusty winds as we go through the evening hours. you're looking at the oracle arena. you have rain here across the hills tomorrow, we will see snow in the bay area hills. that's san jose up across mount hamilton, we will see snow tomorrow morning.
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if you missed it this afternoon, take a look tomorrow. back to the radar real quick, this is what's happening right now over the past three hours, the one i showed you first was from 5:00 to 8:00. the front has moved into the central part of the san joaquin valley. gust we winds and heavy thunderstorms. break into the santa clara valley. mount hamilton, snow coming in tonight. we had a couple spotty showers. danville and walnut creek, there's some just to your west. tiberon, have you a couple pockets. notice san francisco, a bit of a break, just off the coast you have a little cell headed your direction, you'll get a little bit of rain headed through. vallejo and american canyon, places here today got one inch of rain plus and santa rosa in through wind store into lake counties. snowfalling about 2,000 feet. and plenty of snow in the sierras. if you're going there tomorrow, bring the chains or even into monday.
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this is the storm that's circling around here, slowly moving into southern california. snow in the grapevine. more showers and more thunderstorms tomorrow scattered in nature. the heaviest of rain came through today, we'll get a few more of them tomorrow. snow across the bay area hills at 2500 feet. we'll add another two feet across the sierra. this is future cast and notice by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow a couple spotty showers, none of those oranges and yellows popping up which would be the heavy downpours we saw today. we are going to see a couple more as we go into the day monday. winter storm warning for the sierras. highs tomorrow into the 50s, garvin as we go through the remandser of the week, we're going to continue to see more 50s. not only tomorrow and into monday. thursday, that's when we start to get a break from all of this rain. i'll send it back to you at the desk. >> thank you very much. laura behnke is here with
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the news on the big game. >> it wasn't exactly the big competition everyone expected. the big game was a big route at strawberry canyon. all because one team had a little bit of luck on its side. after blowing leads in the last two games, the sharks try something different. how about trailing the bluejacks?et
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after he threw the game stealing interception last year in cal's win at stanford, today the seventh ranked cardinal's quarterback had a little extra motivation as he led his team into strawberry canyon with his eye on reclaiming that axe. how about a little pregame drama, right after the coin toss? both teams meeting in the middle of the field. you see patterson threw a punch. he was ejected. first quarter, that was the only
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fight the bears put up. lay out a bears defender? nice, 58 yards when all was said and done. for the quarterback, to get it done in so many different ways. that set up this, stephan taylor three-yard plunge. taylor had three touchdowns today, second quarter, right before the half, more luck, this time going to the air, and doug baldwin helping out with the great catch. 19 yard touchdown, 31-0 stanford. anthony wilburson a true freshman. how about another touchdown for stanford. they scored on their first eight possessions. in the fourth quarter, the bears decide to wake up. 12 yards, but that's not even close to enough. stanford rolls they take back the axe. a lopsided win in more than 80 years. >> laura, thanks. stanford gets the axe back, they can't celebrate for too long.
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nor can cal dwell on the loss, both teams have home finales next saturday. >> we knew there were going to be a lot of emotions in this game. you're not going to coral all those emotions. a win next week will be almost as good as this, better than this. the one next week will be better than this. >> next week will be a huge game for many reasons. our last game at memorial adium. last game. and the opportunity to be bowl eligible. >> upset alert, the top 25, the big 10 in the thick of it. iowa city, in danger of the 20th ranked hawkeyes. marcus coker taking it in. that makes it 17-10. iowa under two minutes to go. osu is threatening dan harris. the buckeyes hang out for the win. they keep their big ten title hopes alive. to the ice, the sharks have stumbled lately, they blew leads
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in the last two games tonight. not getting easier with one of the season's surprise teams. the bluejackets, they had not seen since sweden. rick nash came in with the six-point streak. had he a hat trick tonight and the sharks get shut out. they fall 3-0. so their troubles are not getting any better. 6 games in 10 nights won't help you out. >> thank you very much for joining us. saturday night live is up next. the target 2 day sale is almost here and the last thing that's going to stop me is weak thighs. mountain series, level 10. backwards. [male announcer] starts friday, november 26th at 4am.
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